Aside from using Facebook to connect with friends, family and other people we know, one of the best things we can use Facebook for is to pitch our products and services to the world. It doesn’t matter what you have to offer, there are hundreds, thousands and millions of potential customers willing to make an offer.

With the help of Facebook IQ, local and small businesses can tap into this great feature on Facebook to reach diverse and class of people across the world.

Facebook IQ integrates to help marketers understand people across generations, geographies, devices and time. Using Facebook Ads will help you to reach your local audience, everyday and everywhere, driving more people to your business. We listed 5 best practice tips to help you optimise your advertisement.

While the majority of Facebook advertisers throw away their cents to Facebook, it is necessary to highlight some best practice tips to help anyone optimise his advertisement using Facebook.

1. Include a call to action

The call to action in marketing and website advertisement is more than just a punch sound bite or phrase. It’s the critical connection that transforms a visitor and reader to a customer and new revenue. When you plan running an advertisement through your Facebook business account. The first step you should have before hand is to have a simple and well crafted CTA: “Call to Action”.
Always include a call to action within the first 90 characters of your ad subject line and tell your customers what you want them to do once they see your ad at first sight. For example, tell them to get a service quote or come check out your new product.
The call to action is a key ingredient to any effective marketing program. … The CTA is so powerful, so important and so foundational to the success of

2. Use high-quality photos

High quality images can be an important part of an ad but most companies don’t keep large inventories of such images.
Use attractive lifestyle photos, bright product imagery or videos to grab the attention of potential customers. Create a visual representation of the words in your ad or Post. Here is an example of an update that could fit in for an ad.

IIt’ssimple, definite and also tells a bit of what the text contect reads.
Taking the time to invest in high-quality photos along with your ad can mean the difference between a potential buyer choosing your service over the competitor in his neighborhood. Not only do high resolution, professional photos improve the likelihood of a call or a sale, search engines like Google and Yahoo favour original content (photos) over those using stock photography, which in turn helps your site rank better in terms of SEO.
When it comes to showcasing your products or services to the world, a picture is more than just a thousand words – it’s the potential enticement for thousands in sales.
With your pocket mobile phone, you can capture a good and quality image for your ad.

3. Important content first

“Quality content” is far more than just a buzzword most marketers throw around for fun.
It’s what separates the winners from the losers online; it’s what will help your ad convert well when it’s live, it is what will naturally attract high-quality inbound links for bloggers, and what will help anyone build trust, credibility, and authority with her audience.
If your ad will span to over 150 words, it is best to include the most important content in your ad in the first 90 characters. If you want visitors to your pitch, link to it upfront. You don’t hit the nail on the head in your last sentence of an ad.

4. Identify your target audience

One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. It has the best ad targeting options of any ad platform.
Your target market/audience are the groups of people who are most likely to buy what your business sells. Think about your best current customers and use Facebook’s targeting options to reach a similar audience. For example, if you do not have a website or ship products nationwide, only target in your local area.
Facebook has so much made targeting very easy. You can present your product or service to just the right set of people maybe by age, gender, country, interest, language etc…
Image result for facebook ad targeting
After you’ve identified your primary marketyour advertising should match that focus.
Research your market. Knowing your target audience is critical: Your ads won’t convert well if they don’t appeal to what your potential customers want or need. Research and find out as much as possible about the people you want to sell to.
Marketing requires you to truly understand your target audience. Attracting customers is critical to the success of your business. Learn how to identify your target audience so you can create a clear picture of exactly who you are (and aren’t) writing for.
Take the lead by leveraging the power of Facebook ad targeting to maximize your reach and increase the ROI of your paid social campaigns.

5. Boost Important Posts

You can boost posts from your Facebook business Page to reach more people.
Boosting posts ensures your most important messages are seen by your fans and their friends in your local area. Unlike Facebook Offers which allows you to promote special discounts to Facebook fans and non-fans in your local area through offers alone to Drive in-store sales by giving your audience a special reason to come see you.
Boosting regular posts about sales during the festive season can also do the magic, all you need is to let it get in the news feeds of current customers and use targeting to expand your reach to new ones.
With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is no doubt the world’s largest social network. And its a wise decision for every advertiser to master the skill in targeting the right audience and pitching the right product to the right set of people when a campaign is being launched.

Before you can boost a post from your business Page, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A published Facebook business Page (In order to manage your Page, it must be connected to your personal account.).
  • A post on your Facebook business Page that’s eligible to be boosted. Look for the blue Boost Post button.
  • A role on the Facebook Business Page that allows you to advertise. You’ll need to be an Admin, Editor, Moderator or Advertiser to advertise on the business Page. If you don’t think you have the right role, reach out to the admin on the business Page and request access. If you see a blue Boost Post button on the Page’s posts, you should have permissions to advertise.

Boosted Page posts are generally reviewed by Facebook in less than 60 minutes. However, in some instances, it may take longer. Just like with posts you don’t boost, your posts should show up in the News Feeds of some of the people who like your business Page right away.

Note: Keep in mind that a boosted post may have charges from before it was reviewed. That’s because the boosted post was running before it was reviewed.

 If you have not started telling people about your business, Facebook can help your large, medium or small business grow beyond your expectation.

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